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Effective July 1, Metro Creative Graphics has acquired LSA Creative Outlet and will begin providing Metro's top-quality creative and sales support services to your publication effective August 1. Click the "Register" button below to sign up for an Orientation Webinar, and experience the valuable resources your access provides. For detailed info about how this change delivers added value to you, click the "Learn More" button.

Welcome to the Metro Family!

You can reach Metro's Client Services Team by calling: 800.223.1600
(8:45am - 5:45pm EST) (Outside U.S. and Canada 212.947.5100, ext. 253)

Making the Change to Metro is Easy.
Call us and we'll make it even easier!

We'd like to once again welcome you to the Metro family, and encourage you to begin taking advantage of the many benefits your new Metro access provides. If you have any questions about getting started using your new Metro resources, please contact us anytime. We are committed to helping you make a fast and smooth transition!

As we work to move over Ad Builder and other Creative Outlet content to (MCC), we will continue to keep this site live. You can also now access the most recent 12 months of Metro using the links to the right.

If you subscribe to Food Images, Auto Photography or Logos & Trademarks, that content is already in the MCC Creative Library, which is where you will be automatically redirected if you use this site's "Products" menu.

When you go to MCC, you will be asked to enter your current Username and Password for Creative Outlet. Forgot either of these? No problem! Just call 800-223-1600 or email with your contact information, and we will gladly get you set up to access all of your new resources.

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Quick Reference

  • Opens a panel that lets you add notes about the file.
  • If notes have been made the button will say 'View Notes'.
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  • Opens a panel that lets you view notes about the file.
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  • Allows you to view assets related to a view file.
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  • MyLibrary
  • Allows you to store and organize files prior to downloading.
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  • Download
  • Lets you download files included in your subscription or you have previously purchased.
  • This icon is not available if you are not logged in or the file is part of a product line you're not subscribed to.

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Creative Outlet FAQ


By selecting the Advanced Search (Top header by Home button), you can either start a new search using specific criteria or refine your current search results.

Removing Keywords from Search Results

Use the Advanced Search on the top of the page to enter Don't use these keywords. Your search results will exclude any files that contain those keywords.

Search Result Navigation

Search results are displayed based on keyword(s) used and advanced search criteria.

Use the navigation on the top right of the page to view more results.

Enlarged Thumbnail

By clicking on any thumbnail, you will be taken to an Enlarged Thumbnail view that will provide you with all options for that asset.


You can save files for later use by clicking on the My Library icon. To view saved files, click on the My Library button on the top of the page next to the Advanced Search. This will open the panel. To close the panel, click on the button again. You can use folders to organize files by topic, project, client, etc. If your account is linked to others in your company (subscription required), the Shared folder will allow everyone access. The personal section is only accessible via your username (but if multiple people use the same login information, everyone using it can all access these folders and files).

You can also upload your own files such as a client logo for easy access. All file types are accepted.

Add Notes / View Notes

Clicking on the 'Add Notes' Button brings up a window where you can make notes such as the date you used the file, the name of the project or the client associated to the image. This notes associated to any piece is tied directly to an individual user's account.

If the icon says 'View Notes', it indicates that notes have been previously added. Click on the icon to review them. You can delete a note you made by selecting the Minus (-) sign next to the note.

The 'View Related' button will appear if an asset has related content. This would include the ability to view all files used in a template or showing all of the templates that are associated with a specific asset.

Logging In

There are a number of advantages to logging in to your account, especially if you have a subscription (see benefits below).

If you aren't logged in you can browse all of the content (images, templates, articles, etc.), but you can't download/buy any of it. You will not be able to utilize the cart or MyLibrary.


Content is grouped by Products to help you access what you need more easily. Using the Advanced Search, you can access product-specific search criteria.

My Account

Update your profile information using the My Account link in the top right-hand corner of any page.


Professionally written editorial is available on Creative Outlet and may show up in your search results. You are allowed to edit the copy as needed and can mention the author or MultiAd/Creative Outlet in the byline if desired.

To search specifically for articles, use the Advanced Search and choose Special Sections from Products.

You can view a sample of the article in the enlarged preview (click on the thumbnail). All files are in text format.

Crossword Puzzles

The answers to all the crosswords are located in the same file as the questions. Both files will be in the compressed file you download. Five new puzzles are provided each month.